IONE, A: Nature Exposed to our Method of Questioning

Nature Exposed Book CoverNature Exposed to Our Method of Questioning
by Amy Ione

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Nature Exposed to our Method of Questioning explores how we create our cultural assumptions about nature, culture and ourselves.

The following four questions frame the study:
(1) How do premodern, modern, and postmodern perspectives in art, religion, philosophy, and science differ and interpenetrate?
(2) What does it mean to integrate questions and beliefs as we create our living environments?
(3) What are symbols and metaphors and how do they contribute to the human dialogue?
(4) How do purpose, intention, and consciousness foster creativity and influence our perceptions of human living?

Three conclusions emerged in exploring these questions: (1) The philosophies provided by earlier eras are not comprehensive enough to speak about the nature of our contemporary environment. (2) Contextual examples underscore that explanatory models of reality are creative human inventions. (3) We benefit in defining open models rather than frameworks that attempt to be universal in an all-inclusive fashion.

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