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The Independent Online Booksellers Association LogoThe Independent Online Booksellers Association

The Independent Online Booksellers Association, an international trade association founded in 1999 for the purpose of ensuring the preservation of traditional bookselling values in the face of rapid developments in the world of online bookselling.

Alberti's WindowDiscover the lively history of the invention of perspective in the 15th century

Discover the lively history of the invention of perspective in the 15th century, and how, as soon as the invention spread, it was used to achieve subtle and fascinating aesthetic effects. Explore why Renaissance artists such as Leonardo and Mantegna used perspective in unorthodox ways which have puzzled art scholars. Was the invention/discovery of perspective a stage in the steady progress of art … or is perspective merely a conventional and arbitrary system for the representation of space?

Art and Optics: Christopher W. Tyler: Introduction – Webexhibits

Hockney and Falco claim that artists use of optics as explains the ‘optical look’ that appeared in paintings after about 1430. As supporting evidence, they show that many paintings reveal different vanishing points in different regions, compatible with the use of optics with a small clear zone, moved from region to region to construct each part of the image.

David Stork’s rebuttals to claims by David Hockney and Charles Falco on the purported use of optical devices by early Renaissance painters.

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Leonardo/The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (Leonardo/ISAST).

Leonardo/The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (Leonardo/ISAST) serves the global network of distinguished scholars, artists, scientists, researchers and thinkers through our programs, which focus on interdisciplinary work, creative output and innovation.

Art and Science Collaborations, Inc. 

The purpose of Art & Science Collaborations, Inc.(ASCI) is to raise public awareness about artists and scientists using science and technology to explore new forms of creative expression, and to increase communication and collaborations between these fields. Their annual international ArtSci Symposium and 10 year old monthly ASCI BULLETIN are valuable resources to the art-sci-technology community.

Logo. The David Tyler TrustThe David Tyler Trust

The David Tyler Trust was formed following the change of management to Pictorial Charts Educational Trust.The Trust is affiliated to A Ray of Hope, UNESCO Youth Ambassador for the Culture of Peace and will continue with the ethos of PCET : “To promote education and to provide facilities for experiment and training in educational principles and methods”.

Helen Tyler's artwork
Snowman Detail

Helen Tyler’s Space Works

Helen Tyler is a British artist based in the Hanwell locale of London.