Art and the Brain: An Overview of the Book

Art and the Brain:
Plasticity, Embodiment, and the Unclosed Circle

by Amy Ione.  (2016, Rodopi Brill)

Table of Contents and Chapter Summaries

Chapter 15.
The Possible, Improbable, and Realization of the Magical PDF

In her new book Art and the Brain: Plasticity, Embodiment and the Unclosed Circle, author Amy Ione offers a profound assessment of our ever-evolving view of the biological brain as it pertains to embodied human experience. She deftly takes the reader from Deep History into our current worldview by surveying the range of nascent responses to perception, thoughts and feelings that have bred paradigmatic changes and led to contemporary research modalities. Interweaving carefully chosen illustrations with the emerging ideas of brain function that define various time periods reinforces a multidisciplinary framework connecting neurological research, theories of mind, art investigations, and intergenerational cultural practices. The book will serve as a foundation for future investigations of neuroscience, art, and the humanities.

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