Books by Diatrope Researchers

Selected Publications
Art and the Brain by Amy Ione, book coverIone, Amy. 2016. Art and the Brain: Embodiment, Plasticity, and the Unclosed Circle Amsterdam: Rodopi Brill.

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A profound assessment of our ever-evolving view of the biological brain as it pertains to embodied human experience.

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Parallel Alices by Christopher Tyler, book coverTyler, Christopher W. 2013. Parallel Alices: Alice through the Looking Glass of Eleanor of Aquitaine. Berkeley, Diatrope Press.

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One of the best-loved and most scrutinized texts after Shakespeare and the Bible is the brace of Alice books, Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, written for a pair of real Alices by the pseudonymous Lewis Carroll; it would seem implausible that there is any aspect of them left unexamined. Yet there is one large-scale motif running through the two books that has essentially escaped critical attention – the pervasive mediaeval theme explored in this volume. Includes over 100 illustrations, a glossary, an annotated bibliography, timelines and an index.

Innovation and Visualization: Trajectories, Strategies, and Myths (Consciousness, Literature and the Arts 1), book cover Amy Ione. 2005. Innovation and Visualization: Trajectories, Strategies, and Myths (Consciousness, Literature and the Arts 1). 2005. Amsterdam: Rodopi.

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The first in detail account that relates the development of visual images to innovations in art, communication, scientific research, and technological advance.

Computer Vision by Christopher TylerTyler, Christopher W. 2011. Computer Vision: From Surfaces to 3D Objects. Boca Raton, FL: Chapman and Hall/CRC.

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Computer Vision: From Surfaces to 3D Objects is the first book to take a full approach to the challenging issue of veridical 3D object representation. It introduces mathematical and conceptual advances that offer an unprecedented framework for analyzing the complex scene structure of the world.