Art and the Brain: Contents


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Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. Framing Art and the Brain

Chapter 3. Ancient Foundations

Chapter 4. The Brain Exposed and Printed

Chapter 5. The Soul of the Empirical Brain: Thomas Willis and René Descartes

Chapter 6. The Empirical Brain in Context

Chapter 7. The Wondrous Book of the Human Brain in 3-Dimensions

Chapter 8. Art, Anatomy, and the Hunter Brothers

Chapter 9. Art and Anatomy: Critics and Hired Hands

Chapter 10. Electricity Sparks the Imagination

Chapter 11. The Promethean Human

Chapter 12. Human Autonomy and Light

Chapter 13. Human Physiognomy, Psychology, and Brain Functions

Chapter 14. Technological Innovations and the Nervous System

Chapter 15. The Possible, Improbable, and Realization of the Magical PDF

Chapter 16. Perception and Frames of Reference

Postscript: The Malleability of History