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Helen Tyler
Space Works.

SEAD Network: Innovations emerging from the intersection of the sciences, engineering, arts and design are transforming our economy, culture, and learning contexts. This transformation is emerging through products, methods, and questions that are fundamentally hybrid, such as software developed for human play, hardware designed for aesthetic elegance, and scientific and cultural information requiring new means of interpretation and expression to enable greater understanding of complex dynamics. Innovation stemming from interdisciplinary creativity is a major contributor to the development of new, sustainable economies and harmonious, cooperating societies. SEAD, The Network for Science, Engineering, Art and Design facilitates research, dialogue, and communication within among those working in these areas.

NovaWave Calendar: Inspired by the mind and work of R. Buckminster Fuller, the NovaWave calendars incorporate “diatropes” as the background pattern. The original idea for this calendar also came from contemplation of bubbles and the close packing of spheres. See for more information.

Leonardo/The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (Leonardo/ISAST)

David Stork's rebuttals to claims by David Hockney and Charles Falco on the purported use of optical devices by early Renaissance painters. Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The Art and Science of Depiction
The scientific, perceptual and artistic principles behind image making. Topics include the relationship between pictorial techniques and the human visual system; the intrinsic limitations of 2D representations and their possible compensations; and the technical issues involved in depiction: e.g. projection, denotation (choice of primitives - lines, points or regions) and tonal conventions. Syllabus for class taught by Fredo Durand and Julie Dorsey

Art and Science Collaborations, Inc.
The purpose of Art & Science Collaborations, Inc.(ASCI) is to raise public awareness about artists and scientists using science and technology to explore new forms of creative expression, and to increase communication and collaborations between these fields. Their annual international ArtSci Symposium and 10 year old monthly ASCI BULLETIN are valuable resources to the art-sci-technology community.

Chrisland Stores:
Chrislands  provides an easy and affordable solution to owning an Online Bookstore.   A bookstore ( built for you. Operate your own fully functional bookstore for as little as $9.99 a month. For more information. Visit Chrisland Stores

Cognitive Science and the Arts
The Cognitive Science Initiative at UH explores current research in central fields of cognitive science. They are also committed to encompassing related fields in arts and humanities, and to exploring the potentially revolutionary implications from cognitive science and its understanding of the mind for such key topics as creativity, language, meaning, narrative, and imagination. These resources were compiled by Dr. Cynthia Freeland, with assistance from the Cognitive Science Initiative, University of Houston, and from the academic community.

The Whole Brain Atlas
(Keith A. Johnson, M.D. ( and J. Alex Becker (

A Photo Gallery of the Universe
Hubble Space Telescope evokes a new sense of awe and wonder about the infinite richness of our universe in dramatic, unprecedented pictures of celestial objects. Like a traveler sharing their best snapshots, this page presents a selection of Hubble's most spectacular images.

Robert R. Wilson and the Art and Sculpture at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab)
The design of the facilities and buildings at Fermilab was greatly influenced by the first director of the Laboratory, Robert R. Wilson, a physicist and artist/sculptor of renown. It was Dr. Wilson's philosophy that a research laboratory should be an attractive cultural center in the community and the nation. He personally suggested designs and in many cases, such as the central laboratory building which now bears his name, was intimately involved in the detailed designs.

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